Acura NSX will be revealed in the 2015 Detroit Auto Show

The Detroit Auto Show is already scheduled to happen in January 12-13, 2015, and it is during these days that the Acura NSX will be displayed. According to an article from the autoblog website written by Jonathan Ramsey, the second coming of the Acura will be viewed in the Auto Show next year in Detroit.

The Acura NSX model planned to make a debut in the Auto Show in North America next year. In a press release published yesterday, December 17, 2014 in Torrance, California, the said production of the supercar known to many as the Acura NSX was already highly anticipated.


The model to be displayed in the Auto Show is said to be a successor of the original and legendary NSX. Many are already expecting as to what the car would look like in the auto show. To make it more exciting, Acura recently released a video that runs for about 30 seconds, the said video will give everyone a glimpse of how the new Acura NSX model would look like. The sneak peak of the teaser can be viewed in

Mike Accavitti, the general manager and senior vice president of the Acura division described the new model to deliver a new sports experience based on its supercar concept. He also added that the NSX will be serving an ultimate expression of the performance of Acura made to fuel a reenergized brand. The next generation super car model underwent a three-year intensive development and will now be finally revealed next year.