Ferrari Threatens To Leave F1 Due To New Rules

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Following FIA’s announcement of shaking up Formula 1 rules for the 2021 season, there have been varying stands from the carmakers. Aston Martin smiles at the new developments while Ferrari frowns upon it.

Ferrari and FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne said that they are not interested in staying if the revisions stray too far from the current rules.

According to Bloomberg, Marchionne said that Ferrari will only stay if “the results of which are beneficial for the maintenance of the brand in the marketplace and for strengthening the unique position of Ferrari.”

True enough, the Italian automaker occupies a special and unique place in the sport. Since it is the only team to have competed in the sport since officially becoming Formula 1 in 1950, Ferrari has certain veto powers that are not granted to any other team. Not to mention are its many wins and championships which no other team can surpass.

Whenever the F1 rules get changed and these don’t go along they way of Ferrari, the latter seems to have a habit of threatening to walk away. However, Ferrari has a point. One of the things that sets F1 apart from all other motorsport races such as IndyCar and NASCAR is that each team builds its own cars from the ground up. Ferrari has no qualms about the cost-cutting measures, it actually agrees with the governing body on this one. What it opposes is implementing any changes that may take away the powertrain uniqueness. What Ferrari wants is that each engine and hybrid unit is unique from each other.

Reference: Ferrari threatens to quit F1 over new engine regulations