Intel, Warner Bros Eyes Futuristic Car Infotainment

Marketing and advertising companies are excited to get their hands on the implementation of the next era of entertainment and connectivity. Who wouldn’t when the opportunities for entertainment companies are massive.

That is why tech giant Intel recently announced a new deal with Warner Bros to develop in-car entertainment experiences in self-driving cars. They will work on focusing on the passenger’s experiences on content and plan to build a concept showing how an in-car entertainment will look like in the future.

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Take note that Intel does not only imagine videos on windshield, it sees a future technology that will create in-car virtual and augmented reality experiences. For example, they imagine riders turning the self-driving car into a Batmobile through a virtual reality or whatever suits the rider’s fancy. Such holistic experience opens a great window of opportunity for advertisers to infiltrate our lives with whatever products they have.

An American motorist spends about 300 hours in a year behind the wheel. If those 300 hours were coupled with videos and content distribution, then getting stuck in traffic might just be enjoyable, we hope. This might actually be great for those boyfriends and husbands that wait for a long time for their girlfriends and wives to get their hair and nails done.

Just this March, Intel acquired Mobileye, the leading supplier of driver assistance and self-driving technology. For $15.3 billion, Intel will continue to engineer Mobileye’s future self-driving car systems.

Reference: Intel and Warner Bros deal hints at entertainment future in self-driving cars