2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS Hits 321 kph…And More

Photo credit to: https://www.porsche.com
Photo credit to: https://www.porsche.com

For car enthusiasts, number is everything. In this particular blog, it is that one triple-digit number that plays a vital importance. And that’s 321. 321 kph or 200 mph is the range guage that separates the supercars from the ordinary ones. It must be said that a vehicle must at least achieve this speed before joining the ranks of the elite cars.

For Porsche, the 2018 911 GT2 RS did not only attain 321, it went flying passed the mark. Automotive outlet Sport Auto in Germany witnessed that once fully gassed up, the new GT2 RS can use all of its 700 horsepower to cover an additional 35 kph. It is like a beast that got loose at an empty tarmac.

On its 6 th gear, the 321 mark has been reached. However, on its 7 th and last gear, it was still hungry for more that it can still go for 356 kph or 221 mph! That is truly an impressive top speed for a 911 and it really deserves to be called a supercar.

In fact, this GT2 RS has been named by the automaker to be its most powerful and fastest 911 ever produced. Here are some more stats to back it up:

  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 kph: 2.8 seconds
  • Fuel consumption/emissions combined in l/100 km: 11.8
  • Carbon dioxide emissions in g/km: 269

Looking back, Porsche 911 has truly come a long way from almost being trashed to becoming the most iconic sports car in the racing world. For the full story of the 911, read this.

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