Will a drop top NSX be available soon?

I certainly hope so. No, really. Ever since the new car came out in 2016, people have been thrilled not only by its looks but also by its performance. And, of course, the hybrid technology.

acura-nsx-roadster-rumored-to-debut-later-this-year-124858-7photo credit to: https://www.autoevolution.com

Coming with a 3.5L Twin-Turo V-6 that, in itself, produces 500 horsepower and 3 electric motors, with the one nearest the engine producing only 73 horsepower. The other 2 motors are just there to help steer the car. 0-60 times are achieved in 3 seconds flat and it’ll go past the sound barrier at 191 mph and some claim faster.

But with all this excitement and thrills, people wanted more. Intelligence reports that Acura is working on a convertible version and it may be both a hard top and a soft top. It’d very much prefer the hard top model, thank you very much. But as is the case with convertibles, they just end up being soft tops.

And soft tops are literally the stupidest thing to ever be made on a car. It’ll leak eventually and it’ll also need replacing sooner. Also, it offers no protection against hail ,or someone with a melee weapon. And who can forget the fact that it looks horrible when it’s up because it always comes in black so your silver or red or blue car looks like a joke.

But if they did make a soft top, for God’s sake, please make a hard top. At least offer some sort of protection from the elements as well as maximize longevity. Plus, if they did, it’d look great on your car cause, being a hard top, it’ll match the color of your car, thus making it look better.

But then again, why am I blathering on about this?

I can’t even afford the toy car let alone the real one.

Reference: Acura NSX roadster finally on its way this year?