A hypercar with a V-6? Nonsense!

When someone mentions hypercar, we think 6.3L V-12 from the LaFerrari with hybrid technology or 8.0L Quad-Turbo W-16 from the Veyron or Chiron or the 6.0L Twin-Turbo AMG V-12 of the Huayra or even the 5.0L Twin-Turbo V-8 of the Agera.

But what happens when Aston Martin says that they can make a hypercar with an engine that uses, uhm, 6 cylinders? *cough* no *cough*. Well, Andy Palmer thinks they can and frankly, I think he’s taken leave of his senses.


Yes, the 003 hypercar is inbound this coming 2021 but seriously? A Twin-Turbo V-6 can beat all others? He’s got some sense, though. Take for example the DB7 of the 1990’s. Sure, it looked horrible and performed even worse but it had a 3.2L Straight-6 that at least had some sort of oomph to it.

And with the craze of hybrids and hydrogen and electric, it’s only right o decrease the amount of cylinders used. But I wonder how far the plucky Brits at Aston Martin are going to allow this.

They might be able to reverse the order of the engines like from a “6.0L V-12”, they could probably go for a “12.0L V-6” and that might solve the hypercar problem. OR they could use a 6.0L Quad-Turbo V-6 or whatever.

Even Aston Martin are wondering what engine displacement the 003 hypercar is to have and I don’t blame them. I’m the head of my auto intelligence agency and I’ve already lost 3 days of my human life figuring out what they’ll use under the hood of the 2021 hyperar.

Although, Andy did say that the 003 is to fill in the gap between the Valkyrie and the Ferrari 488 superar. $3.3 Million Valkyrie and a $ 264,000 488 and you’d have to wonder: is the 003 going to cost between $950,000 or $2.5 Million?

It’s brutal.

Reference: Aston Martin 003 hypercar will be first with new turbo V-6