Aston Martin needs a new platform for it’s SUV

For a little while now, Aston Martin has been saying that it’ll build an SUV. It’s taken a while for them to do it and finally, most of the designs are ready. There’s just one place they seem to have failed. The chassis.

You see, they couldn’t just modify an existing chassis from a Vanquish or a Vantage or even the DB11 or Rapide series of cars. And why would they dare to not use existing platforms? It’d be too easy.

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You see, with prices well over a hundred grand, they need to strive for excellence and that means letting the customer know that they took the time to make a new chassis for their car.

For all it’s worth, they could’ve just modified a Rapide S chassis and claim it as brand new like the old DB9 and the DBS from 2007. They both looked exactly the same and performed the same and even had the same unintelligent Volvo SATNAV system. They even shared the same engine and gearbox but Aston Martin was very adamant that the DBS was a “brand new car” sitting atop a “brand new chassis”.

It’s going to be a weird one, this. They want to build a chassis that has a sort of anti-roll air suspension system for the DBX (possibly the codename for their SUV).

Now, there’s something wrong with this. They could just buy a Rolls-Royce Phantom, reverse engineer it and use it’s suspension on the DBX.

Also, they could just use a Rapide S chassis and modify it the same way the Nazi’s modified the Panther tank chassis to the Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer or the King Tiger to the Jagdtiger or the Panzer 38 (t) into the Hetzer, etc.

I say, fire the current CEO and design chief and put someone more rational, practical and pragmatic behind the helm of Aston Martin.

Make a new chassis, my bottom. Bleeding sods, the lot of them.

Reference: Aston Martin plans new platform for SUV