Aston Martin to Porsche: Watch out!

With the recent success of the Porsche 919 Evo beating the Nuburgring’s 12.9 mile long Nordschleife race track in just 5:19 seconds and with Aston Martin about to launch the Valkyrie, they’ve given the German automaker a stern warning to brace for impact.

You see, Aston Martin is now trying to get up there with the sporty auto manufacturers. It’s leaving it’s past of making cars for the ultimate gentleman’s car after decades of unstable sales.

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You see, Aston Martin has long since been the ultimate gentleman’s car but unfortunately, not everyone is an ultimate gentleman or gentleman in general and therefore, they had to partner with Mercedes-AMG earlier this year to get a bump up in performance.

The Valkyrie is set to beat Porsche at it’s own game, with a 6.5L turboless V-12 that produces 900 horsepower and a Kinetic Energy Recovery System, abbreviated KERS for short, that produces an extra 230 horsepower which, in simple maths, brings it to 1,130 horsepower.

The 919 Evo on the other hand has a remarkably diminutive 2.0L Twin-Turbo V-4 that produces 720 horsepower and if you add the hybrid system, it goes up to 1,160 horsepower. The KERS on the Porsche more than compensates for the engine’s lack of power at 440 horses strong.

Then there’s the weight. At a thousand kilograms flat, the Valkyrie isn’t exactly nimble but nimble enough to get the nose moving and it seems to have a larger front wing which means more downforce and grip round corners.

Porsche’s is lighter at 850 kilograms and we just don’t know. The specs are only good on paper and the only real way of determining which one is the better or faster car around the track is to actually drive it.

I hope the Valkyrie gets the win, though, if I’m honest.

Reference: Aston Martin Valkyrie could beat that new Nurburgring record, Red Bull F1 boss says