Is Aston Martin going electric with the Rapide?

With all the hype about going green, many manufacturers are going either electric, hydrogen or hybrid. Many manufacturers preferring the pure electric concept and that includes legendary British auto maker Aston Martin.

Being the ultimate gentleman’s car, it’s only fitting that they evolve with the times and adapt or perish. If you’re the sort of chap that loves long range cruising with sports-ness and four doors, then the upcoming Rapide E is the car for you.

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It’s still in the developmental stage and it’ll be released in late 2019, possibly sometime in October to December 2019. Strangely, Aston Martin isn’t doing this alone cause they’re getting help with one of Formula One’s legendary teams, Williams. What a fitting combo. Brits helping Brits and it can’t get any better than this.

Like all high-performance, pure-electric vehicles, it’ll feature 2 motors, one at each axle and provide total power output of 601 and torque at 700 pounds-feet. It’ll also have a range of 200 miles which is not very good. But we’re British and we’re all blokes so 200 miles isn’t really a bid deal.

Cross the pond, though, and things get a little tricky. 200 miles is the equivalent of going round your back yard to have a picnic. But anyway, it’ll be able to do 0-60 in 4 seconds flat but some tests have shown that it can do the jump from 50 to 70 in 1.5 seconds and keep going to 155 mph.

That’s phenomenally fast. That’s as fast as light speed in auto terms. And you can do that carrying 4 passengers in comfort, luxury and style. Pricing, though, is said to be $255,000 which is 255,000 dollars more than what I’ve got cause I’m young, dumb and broke but not in high school.

Why can’t I be a millionaire overnight?

Reference: Aston Martin confirms specs for Rapide E electric sedan coming in 2019