Want an Aston Martin SUV? Wait another year

With the rise of sports SUV’s (ironic and repetitive) like the Lamborghini Urus or the Maserati Levante and even the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and the Bentley Bentayga, it’s only fitting for James Bond’s car of choice, Aston Martin, to be making their own.

This is a good strategy because they’ll be getting a piece of the pie and it’ll also be good for a little competition. Right now, it’s still in the drawing board because Aston Martin is still having it’s new factory at St. Athan in Wales being built.

photo credit to: https://driving.ca

That said, it’ll be in late 2019 when we get to see the first car roll off the production line. However, and this is a big ‘however’, we all know that these deadlines can never be met. And there are many factors in that.

One is delays in the construction of the facility or delays in training the blokes who’ll operate the said facility and even the equipment needs to be properly calibrated to make the cars. It might not be until mid to late 2020 when we actually get to see an Aston Martin SUV on the road.

Bear in mind that this new facility will also build the Rapide-E, the all electric version of the Rapide and Rapide S. So that will complicate things even more. In fact, I daresay that we won’t be seeing any vehicles until 2022 and even then, they’ll only be prototypes or Low Rate Initial Production models.

My agents were unable to obtain the name for the vehicle and Aston Martin isn’t letting it go so easily. All my agents got was that it’s codenamed “DBX” and they weren’t able to get some specs and prices either.

But since it’s an SUV, it’s safe to say and it’ll most likely have their signature 6.0L V-12 and cost over $400,000.

It’s only fitting.

Reference: Aston Martin SUV to be unveiled in late 2019