Sleeper Cars: The Best Supercar Alternative

You might think that, after you’ve bought your Ferrari or Lamborghini, that you’re untouchable on the road. After all, you’ve paid a quarter of a million dollars to have these high-performance, high-pomp machines in your life and your garage. And that’s not even the added sex appeal you get when you drive one of these.

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So you hop in for a ride with your lover and reach a stop light where you see an inconspicuous car (say a Corolla) and it revs it’s engine pretending it wants to race you. You rev your V-8 or V-10 or V-12 to show that you mean business.

Then when the lights go green, you’re surprised when this insignificant, inconspicuous little turd just out-accelerated you. Then, what’s this, he’s going faster than you. Even after you’ve both parted ways, you still can’t believe it.

How’d that puny little thing that cost less than $25,000 brand new beat your car that cost ten times as much?

Well, it turns out that the owner spent just a small fortune (and I do mean small fortune) to upgrade his car into something that’s been called a Sleeper Car. And if I can quote from Wikipedia

Erm, erm! *clears throat* *cough* it is a car that has high performance and an unassuming exterior.

Simply put, this is externally what your car is not. It was designed, in part, to evade law enforcement and to deceive many true sports cars into thinking it is a futile race. I’ve seen some hypercars like the Bugatti Veyron and the Koenigsegg and Pagani being humiliated by these things – in the quarter mile.

Still, if you’ve got the ability to do all that humiliate supercars and hypercars, why not? You can laugh at them for spending that much money only for you to beat them.

You can evade law enforcement too.

Reference: Lamborghini Races Against 1,000 HP Sleeper BMW