Can you recreate a sword?

It’s a relatively unknown sports car from the Raging Bull and now, after 50 years, it’s finally getting a reincarnation. And since it’s been fifty years, Lamborghini have confirmed that it’ll be a hybrid, to keep up with the times.

The old model was launched way back in 1968, just a year before the Apollo missions to space and the Moon. And, I have to admit, it looks ghastly. It looks horrible. It looks unappealing. It’s the sort of thing you expect to pay for at the local pub before you get drunk.

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In fact, it looks like every other car out there. It’s as if the designers just haphazardly put up a strange concoction and without thinking about it, just let it go into production. It’s just sheer, utter and plain idiocy.

The old one looks like it was made for an adult film but then converted to be safe to watch our children; all you see is the screen focused on a man (and nothing else but him) sweating hard pumping  someone you can’t see. In short, pointless.

The new one, hopefully, will not end up the same way. It would be hard to watch another failure because that’ll be another prick mark against them from Ferrari.

That being said, Lamborghini is going to take their time trying to perfect it and they say it’ll be launched sometime in 2025 or 2027. Because. Perfection. Why they didn’t think of that 50 years ago, I have no idea.

My agents say it’s going to have 4 engines, all of which are hybrids: a V-12, V-10, V-8 and V-6 to appeal to all levels of customers. But I must say that the agents are worried about the 6 and 8 cylinder models as the performance has been shown to be lacking.

Still, Lambo have nearly a decade of R&D so let’s give them a little breathing space. After all, it takes time to create a masterpiece.

Just don’t repeat history.

Reference: Lamborghini may bring a hybrid Espada successor to market in 2025