Combating Motion Sickness: Jaguar’s DARPA

And I personally think this is a good thing. Although, if I’m being brutally honest, I cannot understand how people suffer from any sickness. I don’t have “height-trophobia” or “motion-phobia” or whatever so I think it’s just lunacy. But it’s a clinical thing so I guess it’ll have to be acknowledged.

And Jaguar (as well as Land Rover) are going into full speed ahead when it comes to motion sickness technology. And if anyone from Jag or Rover is reading this, I recommend you go to DARPA for this.

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DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, responsible for many military innovations including FORESTER radar systems and MARPAT, and Multicam and even the drone technology we have today. In fact, they were responsible for GPS and the Internet.

But unfortunately, they did it on their own and so it shall be named Jaguar DARPA. And they’ve built quite an algorithm for it. The computer software in their cars is so advanced, it can tell when someone might self-nauseate and alert the driver and occupants of an inevitable incident.

It’s been said that 70% of people suffer from motion sickness, particularly children but adolescents and adults have been known to be affected too. It usually occurs when someone is reading while in a moving vehicle.

Hence, they are unable to grasp the senses that are surrounding them and once they look away from the said book, the power of the Force seems to leave their bodies and envelop them in a living hell.

By countering this effect, Jag and Rover claim to have reduced motion sickness by up to 60%. Quite a large amount. The system does this by detecting the symptoms associated with the sickness and the car adapts accordingly to counter this effect – to the point that the dashboard and infotainment system change appearances.

This will, undoubtedly be a great help.

Reference: Jaguar Land Rover develops tech to combat motion sickness