Driving 700 miles in a Jaguar I-pace

Driving 700 miles isn’t easy. I mean, sitting in the cabin of a 747 isn’t easy either is it? Especially when you’re next to someone who’s making excessive noises like snoring. Then there’s the kids these people bring along; shouting, undisciplined lunatics in a contest to see who can scream louder. But anyway….

Driving that far in a car that hasn’t really been tested is something of a revolution. 5 years ago, you’d laughed at if you wanted to drive a hundred miles in a Tesla Model S. Nowadays, people are actually taking it seriously that some of them convert from petrol to electricity.

Of course, travelling that far is basically unlimited IF you had a constant stream of electricity into the cars and that’s impossible. Unless you’ve figured out a way to harness the power of Dark Energy or Plasma Energy from a Tokamak reactor, you’re not going to go on forever.

photo credit to: https://www.cars.com

And that means, you’ll have to charge the batteries, possibly overnight, which the folks did on one or two occasions. They made it but it took far longer than if they’d taken a car with a conventional engine.

What surprises me with the I-pace is it’s smoothness. Well, all electric cars are pretty much smooth but this feels like the Rolls-Royce of electric cars. It just feels right in every way.

I mean, the car can charge from 9 miles range to 231 miles in just 1:45. Kinda long if you ask me but when you consider that it came from a standard 220V outlet, that’s enough to beat Tesla at their own game.

Total output from the motors is just under 400 horsepower and range is 240 miles. Wanna wade 20 inches in water? Not a problem.

And costing only $70,000? It’s a great value for money, in my opinion.

Tesla, you’ve got your competition.