Faulty Dashboards Forces Lamborghini to Recall Some Gallardos

photo credit to: https://www.carscoops.com

Now, this is a bit odd. It’s been about 5 or 6 years after the Gallardo was deemed obsolete and replaced and only now they recall approximately 1/10 th of them. That includes the convertibles and SuperLeggera models, as what my agents have told me.

About 1,152 Gallardos will be recalled and they are, rather worryingly, the late models from 2011 to 2014. They shouldn’t’ve changed the late model Gallardos in the first place because the old one, as it seems, lasts longer than the new one.

So why did the Raging Bull replace them? No one really knows but I suspect it’s because of the “exclusivity” horse crap they keep talking about. Also, they have to intentionally and deliberately change the designs ever so slightly so as to make their models THAT much harder to identify specifically.

It can be traced to the ECU because, strangely and because of the fault of the programmers, the information stored in the dashboard would be wiped out as soon as the driver turns off the ignition.

Also, for a several hundred thousand dollar supercar, the lights are poorly made. It’s almost as if the dudes at the programming and electronics department of Lamborghini were just playing computer games and pornography hoping the issue would solve itself.

Thankfully, the Raging Bull is going to have the owners informed on December 14 when they will have begin the scheduled recall. I wonder if this is an all-expense-paid endeavor or do the owners have to pay to get their cars replaced?

My agents tell me that they will not charge any owner any fee, be it delivery and/or replacement or both. Good job, Lamborghini. Although, not so good that you had to recall 1,152 Gallardos – something that shouldn’t have been recalled after it was replaced by the Huracan.

Still, at least they’re doing something about it.

Reference: Lamborghini recalls Gallardo for faulty dashboard warning lights