Formula One: What’s in store for the future?

Formula One is the pinnacle of motorsport. Or at least it was until some dingleberry company decided to buy them and change many things. Least of all the designs of the cars.

Yes, the 2018 cars look sort of nice but I have always argued that the early 2000’s were the best years for F1 design. Why would they say that the new cars are nicer to look at? Although, I will admit that the aerodynamics is quite good on the V-6 cars.

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Thankfully, a panel has recently decided that the current cars aren’t good enough and also came to a conclusion that they don’t race well. Well, of course, there’s no driver skill involved. That’s what happens when you add DRS and a turbo to the cars. Drivers become too dependent on them.

I say, bring back the 3.0L V-10’s or the 2.4L V-8’s and remove the ridiculous KERS and the DRS. I assure you that races will be more adrenaline-inspiring and hearth-throbbing action we once had when Michael Schumacher was winning every race against Montoya or Trulli or Alonso.

So, one of the bosses of his own team, Ross Brawn, decided he would make a new design. I certainly hope it brings inspiration from the early 2000’s when he was keeping track of Schumi when both of them were still in Scuderia Ferrari. And equally, I hope he also draws inspiration from the modern cars’ aerodynamic efficiency.

He has submitted 3 concepts and the first one is my personal favorite as it sort of mixes the old and the new. Concepts 2 and 3, on the other hand are both representing the future of aerodynamics and possibly the future designs of F1.

I don’t really care about the designs. Just get rid of DRS and KERS and bring back the V-10’s and V-8’s and we’re good.

Vroom, vroom, yo.

Reference: 2021 F1 car design proposals focus on aerodynamics for better racing