Halo, Halo on the Wall…

Formula One is supposed to be the pinnacle of motorsport. Forget the safety (sort of) and enjoy the thrill. I remember the high-pitched scream of the old V-12’s, V-10’s and V-8’s; my favorite engine noise and seasons was when Michael Schumacher was still in Ferrari kicking ass and taking names.

Now, though, since 2014, the cars have sounded terrible and i know that the 2017 cars are faster than the old ones Mike Schumi was driving, they just can’t give you the thrill the old cars have.

Photo credit to: http://www.skysports.com
Photo credit to: http://www.skysports.com

Then there’s the thing with turbos. Back when Schumi was driving, you needed double ear protection to be in the grand stands and the roar of the cars was just biblical and Godly. The cars nowadays sound as though they’re powered by caramel and an asthmatic breathing through a straw.

And now, we have a halo. Great merciful good King George! It’s said to be able to survive the weight of a double decker bus so what’s it made of? Graphene? Nanotech? Titanium, actually.

I’m a huge fan of Formula One and to see this happen is a disgrace to the sport. Yes, there are other options to choose from aside from the halo but why, in the name of all that’s holy, do you want to obstruct the driver’s view of the center of the road?

No, really. Take one good look at the new halo that F1 big rigs are yammering about that’ll increase safety and you’ll see what I mean. Now, put yourself in the driver’s cockpit and imagine how that small obstruction in the center of the car is going to block your vision.

Get the picture? Why would you block their view in the first place?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, mates of class and friends of old:

Let me introduce you to the year F1 will experience more crashes than overtakes.

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