Is the Jaguar I-pace too fast for beginners?

Jaguar has been saying it’ll make a sporty SUV for a while now and it seems that it’s already out in prototype phase. Although, there is a tiny problem with this vehicle: it’s too strong.

You heard me right, folks. Apparently, because of the sheer amount of power it produces. Of course, they aren’t ready to reveal the engine just yet but, Jaguar claims, is strong enough to push the SUV from a standstill to sixty miles an hour in just, get this, 1.8 seconds.

God above, that’s faster than the 2020 Tesla Roadster. That’s faster than a Bugatti Chiron or Koeniggseg Agera RS or a Pagani Huayra. Hell, that thing’s faster than just about any car I can think of short of a Formula One car. In fact, dare I say it, it’s faster than a Formula One car.

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Jaguar says that everything is being put on the table, though, with that level of acceleration, you might as well fit a solid-fuel rocket under the hood instead of a conventional engine.

Then again, acceleration speeds like this aren’t uncommon if you use hybrid technology. Follow Fisker’s Karma and you’ll see my madness.

If you fit, say, a 1.0L Inline-4 under the hood of a car, but fit 4 electric motors to each of the 4 wheels and each of those motors produces 500 horsepower, you’ve got yourself a vehicle that can do just that.

Now, I love electric cars, they’re green and healthy for the environment. I also love the internal combustion engine; the sounds they make give me eargasms. However, each on their own is weak.

Jaguar, if you’re reading this or whatever, heed my suggestion. Follow Fisker Karma and a handful of other hybrid-car manufactures.

I’m telling you guys now, hybrid is the future.

Reference: Proposed Jaguar I-Pace SVR could be too quick for untrained drivers