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Formula One, as we know, is the pinnacle of motorsport and the epitome of automotive racing. Or at least it was. Ever since Liberty Media bought it, F1 has been meh.

Recently, Honda is starting a clean slate and fresh start after McLaren’s recent failures in F1 and have decided to partner with TR in hopes of building their reputation back.

And it seems as if they’re off to a good start cause the recent car they just made, the TR13, is powered by Honda’s latest engine and appears to be doing quite well in a short test.

After McLaren and Honda parted was after a long business relationship, if finally crumbled after the Japanese Grand Prix which saw Honda partnering with Torro Rosso and McLaren now partnered with Renault.

With recent string of losses for both teams, the Italian-based company has high hopes for the future but also admits that there is scepticism among fans and journalists and even workers admit that there’s some amount of doom that surrounds their thoughts.

Among the many questions the journalists ask is can the car actually run or if it’s reliable enough to last the 200 miles round the racetrack?

At this point, you’d have to wonder why some teams even bother to race with all the complexities and even the new, useless and retarded “safety” mechanisms the cars will have.

I suppose it’s for the extra money that comes with automotive racing? Formula One is the most expensive sport in the world, after all; a car alone will set you back between $5 Million to $8 Million in research and development alone and that’s not counting the fuel, tires, spare parts, equipment, salaries and wages; the list goes on.

In fact, it’s so expensive, it’ll cost about $50 Million just to get your team in the sport. Still, best of luck to all teams this coming March the twenty fifth.

Ferrari fanboy here.

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