Aston Martin reveals the Lagonda SUV

Lagonda, as you know, is famous for building the legendary Taraf. It was originally meant for the Middle East market with only 100 units to be built but someone decided they needed an extra 100 units and bring them all over the world. How else were they gonna survive if they sold less than 200 total units?

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And as you already know (or not), it’s owned by Aston Martin. Though my agents weren’t really able to get a catch on the name. Some of them say that it’s the Aston Martin DBX or the Lagonda All Terrain. But technically, they’re the same vehicle.

And my agents are speculating that there’s going to be two vehicles, one branded the DBX and the other one will be an ultra luxury All Terrain and we won’t see any on the roads until 2022 because that’s when Aston Martin decides the cars are ready for production.

Although, if you can see, one of my agents brought back a picture and it looks more like it’ll be Lagonda making the SUV. It’s very reminiscent of a Taraf from the front, for those of you with eagle eyes.

And the rear end looks like a McLaren Sweptail except it’s not a sweeping tail but more like a shooting brake. And, for those of you who are in the auto intelligence industry, Lagonda intends to be the world’s first ultra-luxury all-electric car maker in the world. And yes, the All Terrain will be electrically powered.

Some of my agents say that Lagonda’s putting an electric motor at each of the wheels to make it good off-road and I heartily concur but if they do that, what’ll be the range on it? The more the motors means more battery drain which equals to a decrease in range.

And there’s no price yet too.

Reference: Aston Martin Lagonda All-Terrain Concept Previews a Production SUV