Is the world ready for a plug-in hybrid BMW?

I’m quite in favor of hybrid technology. It combines the best of both worlds into one. The internal combustion engine powers it most of the way (or can be used only to charge the batteries to extend range, if you so choose).

I’ve driven a few cars that are hybrids and I can assure you that most of them can be set to electric only and the conventional engine turns on just to charge the batteries and then shuts itself down again.

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And this time, we have the legendary luxury and super sports of famed German auto maker, BMW, to join the ranks of the hybrids. This is good news to all environmentalists and people who want to drive a car with a mix of both types of engines.

I mean, the best way to drive hybrids, really, is electric mode. The instant torque offered by the electric motors is just biblical and even though you’ll run out of battery soon, the conventional engine will charge your batteries in no time so you can extend your range and continue your thrills.

And BMW, as always, are adding their kind of luxury to their hybrid lineup. Who doesn’t want German luxury? Only an idiot would want that and if that’s the case, you’d need to see a shrink.

Of course, the hybrids of BMW are somewhat behind in terms of their Japanese counterparts. But then again, they aren’t. The legendary Toyota Prius is capable of doing naught to sixty in a very sluggish 10.5 seconds but the Bimmer 3 hybrid can do it in 6 seconds flat.

They’re behind in a sense that only now they’re making hybrids but on the whole, they’ve already beaten the ones who’ve had a head start. It’s only a matter of time before we get a BMW M hybrid.

Heck, they might even label it an “Mh” or “M-h”.

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