Is it possible to buy an F1 car for less than $5,000?

This F1 car was driven by 7-time F1 world champion himself, Michael Schumacher and it was from a time in the 1990’s when he was still racing at Jordan.

Now, this is the old kind of car with the 3.5L monstrous V-12 engine that I believe is the turbo charged model? Not sure though. Anyway, it can be had for exactly $4,495 and for that, it’s a steal.

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Well, it might not be because it’s an F1 car after all so you won’t be driving it round the back roads and it’ll be very heavy on the maintenance. Also, fuel will be quite expensive as the 3.5L V-12 sucks up fuel like a fire hydrant.

And then we get to the tires. They’re going to be very difficult to come across. I mean, the tires for sports cars alone are difficult to come across let alone something that’s in the F1 world. Those tires are near impossible to find on the market if at all.

But then again, it was driven by Michael Schumacher and that dude’s a legend. Why would you not like to have Schumi’s car? It’s one of the cars that helped catapult his career before he joined Scuderia Ferrari.

Sure, he wasn’t a winner with this car and I don’t remember him winning any races with it but eventually, he did manage to win some before being offered a job at Scuderia Ferrari.

There are problems with this car too. For one, the dashboard looks hilarious. On the videos of that time, when one looks at the cockpit POV, the dials looked more sophisticated than what they are in the teaser photos we’ve been seeing.

BUT WHO CARES?! It’s Mike Schumi’s first racer (more or less).

Reference: You can buy Michael Schumacher’s Jordan F1 car for $4,495