Is there any chance of a super capacitive Lamborghini Aventador?

Recently, my agents reported to me that Lamborghini isn’t going to let the Aventador sleep the long sleep without a last hurrah. They reported that the Raging Bull is going to work on an Aventador that uses super capacitors instead of the mighty 6.5L V-12 that high-end Lamborghinis are so very famous for.

This is definitely a step in the right direction as this will be a Lamborghini of many “firsts”. It’ll be Lambo’s first all-electric supercar. It’ll be the first Lamborghini electric car. It’ll be the first to boost the company to the electric era. And so many more.

Photo credit to: Máté Petrány

The new car is codenamed the rather difficult to pronounce LB48H supercar. This may also be the first Lamborghini that people wouldn’t want to buy because it’s so hard to pronounce. It took me an hour just to figure out how to say it.

Now, an electrostatic battery is different from an electrochemical engine. Sure, they sound the same and in principle, they’re quite similar but are actually quite different. An electrochemical battery, for example, uses chemicals to produce power. Think of your smartphone or laptop or digital camera.

An electrostatic battery on the other hand, releases power all at once. Ever walk around a room then get electrocuted when you touch a metal object? That’s static electricity. Think of a capacitor that releases energy instantly but in prolonged intervals.

I’m not exactly sure how it works as it’s as hard as the Force to see and difficult to understand as Sectumsempra but the technology works and Japan was the first country to use it.

Of course, with all this technology stuff, you’d be wondering how expensive it is. And my agents came back with a figure. Put your seatbelts on cause this will make you hit your head on the wheel.

It’s $3 Million each.

Reference: Lamborghini Aventador successor to use supercapacitors instead of batteries?