Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Toyota Supra TRD

And they should’ve done this before they launched the car. Why didn’t they add a V-8 before they launched it? It boggles the mind. And just months before it was posted, they said they’d have a BMW M3 engine under the hood and then they said they didn’t.

I actually had my hopes up for a while when they said BMW M3 motor but then I lost all hope because it launched without the legendary Straight-Six that Bimmer is so well known for building.

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Now, they’ve built a TRD model. Good. Damn good. I just hope it’s not aesthetic like most of their TRD models. Unfortunately, it is just aesthetic and I my agents haven’t even hinted at a bigger engine so it’s safe to assume that that’s about as far as the Supra will go.

Although, since it’ll have Carbon Fiber, I suspect that it’ll get faster and that’ll add to the cost of the car. The base Supra already costs fifty grand US so, with Carbon Fiber additions, the price might go up to sixty or seventy grand. It’s a bit much for a car that can be defeated by several other cars like Mercedes and BMW.

But if you ask me, the base Supra is reasonably priced but the TRD model isn’t going to be worth an extra twenty to thirty grand especially when it’ll only be point-something- something seconds faster than the a base model or that it’ll have xoxo top speed compared to the base Supra.

I certainly hope that they add a V-6 under the hood of that thing and give it two turbos because if not, then the thing isn’t much better than a Toyota 86 or the Subaru BRZ. And those cars looked promising and in the end weren’t really that hot.

Please add a bigger engine.

Reference: Toyota Supra gets modified for the first time by TRD