Prancing Horse reportedly building a new V-8 car…. With a Hybrid

That’s what my agents have told me. And you know what? I think it’s amazing! Back in 2013 when the LaFerrari came out, Ferrari had built it’s first hybrid car – a hypercar at that. And now, it looks like they’re making one for you and me if you’ve got the money.

Actually, it’s not really a new model. My agents tell me that it’s just a modified 488 Pista with a hybrid engine on it to complement and supplement the already powerful engine on the 488. And we all know what happens when cars go hybrid.

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They go farther, shift faster and go faster as well as use less fuel because they can be complemented by a battery to improve fuel efficiency and consumption as well as supplementing and compensating for the slight loss in power when a car shifts gear.

So, in effect, the car is still accelerating hard even while it’s in the middle of shifting gears because of that electric motor. Electric motors, as we know are 3 times more efficient than internal combustion engines and that’s why many a car maker are switching from conventional engines to pure electric or hybrid. Rare cases, like Toyota, are going for hydrogen.

This is most definitely fascinating news because, even if it’s going to cost more than most houses and weigh more than most mountains, it will give you the same old Ferrari thrill and pomp but could somewhat save the environment. It’s not exactly a 100% solution to global warming but it’s a start.

Also, Ferrari plans to make all their cars electric from 2023 and beyond. 2022 will see the last of the internal combustion engine, that ancient and Jurassic and chugging relic of the 19 th Century.

How much does it cost and what are the specs? Well, just look at the 488 Pista.

Reference: Hybrid V-8 Ferrari supercar reportedly set to debut this year