Y are you late, Tesla?

After many long and perilous and frightful years, the Tesla Model Y is finally come to existence! And if I may add, it’s not as expensive as previously thought. So is it the budget electric SUV that everyone is waiting for or is it a bigger model 3?

Well, it isn’t. Firstly, because it isn’t an SUV. It’s a CUV, a Crossover Utility Vehicle. What this means is that, basically, it’s a cross between a sedan and an SUV. And secondly, it means that it’s not as big as the Model X. Heck, it’s only slightly taller than the Model 3, as what my agents were able to gather from pictures.

Photo credit to: https://insideevs.com

And, if I’m honest, it looks absolutely bloody brilliant. Imagine a CUV, a slightly smaller SUV or a slightly larger sedan that looks like an Aston Martin Rapide S but with the front grille closed? Yes, all Tesla’s since 2012 or 2013 have lost their iconic black grille in favour of a grille-less grille.

One of my old mates says that it looks like a piranha but I don’t know. All I know is it looks good from any angle.

But be ye warned, however, because the Model Y is about 10% larger than the Model 3 but has the same battery packs and therefore will lose about 10% of range and also cost 10% more than the Model 3.

This could be a benefit or a disability to some buyers. Yes, the Model 3 is now available in $35,000 and that means Tesla is rolling them off the production line as fast as someone breathes oxygen but to pay $40,000 for a car with slightly less range for slightly more money is quite counter-intuitive, if you ask me.

If I’m gonna pay forty grand on a CUV, I’d rather buy a Honda CR-V or a Subaru Forester or a Toyota RAV4.

Still, let’s wait till March 14.

Reference: Tesla Model Y will be revealed March 14, priced 10 percent higher than Model 3